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Hey there! How about we grab a coffee and have a little chat? I've got some experiences and thoughts to share that could give you a fresh perspective on your English journey, as a non-native speaker of the language.

I'll tell you about how learning English wasn't just about opening new doors for me—it was also about connecting with people authentically. As someone who's been right where you are, I want to invite you to think about your own path with the language.

What's English to you? How do you see it becoming a bridge to a fuller, more connected way of living?

By the end of our talk, let's consider your next steps. If you're ready to dive deeper and improve how you communicate in English, know that I'm here to help guide you along.

Closeup of Viktoria Fogl, founder of HINTuitive Coaching, in a charming coffee shop.

My Milestones:


The 4 PILLARS of My Coaching:


Apply English Every Day

Dive into real-world English use and turn daily activities into exciting learning opportunities. Join me to start experiencing the magic of English in your everyday life and make language learning a natural, enjoyable part of your day.


Confidence Through Communication

Break through the barriers of language anxiety with positive, incremental steps towards authentic English fluency. Ready to change your mindset and boost your confidence? Sign up for a journey where challenges become your milestones to success.


Conscious Language Connection

Discover the soul of the language and communicate with genuine emotion and understanding. Explore how English can deepen your connections with others and express the true you. Learn with me about weaving English seamlessly into your personal and cultural expressions.


Learn Smarter, Not Harder

Adopt brain-friendly strategies that make English stick and feel more intuitive. Enhance your learning with techniques that fit your personal style and cognitive strengths. Get started with my unique mentor system for lasting intuitive English mastery.

Casual portrait of Viktoria Fogl, founder of HINTuitive Coaching, at her office window.

What my students are achieving:

"My main goal was to improve my English communication to stand my ground, as I work at a multinational company, specifically in the IT sector. I wanted to be more diverse and expressive, as well as fluent with better grammar. I have already completed a 3 months program, and now I’m in the second quarter of a 12 months VIP program, which I am very happy with. I can feel the advancement of my English from week to week. My native speaking colleagues are also noticing my developments. If you have the necessary commitment to advance your English, I highly recommend Viktoria, as I think she is the best choice. Her unique program is filled with diverse creative exercises that cover many areas of communication styles."


Balazs B., IT lead

Budapest, Hungary

 "I feel my English developing from week to week. My native speaking colleagues are also noticing this. "

"I am a solo entrepreneur and do contract marketing services, and I want to expand internationally. Viktoria's HINTuitive approach was spot on for me. Very comfortable, but not easy. She came recommended by a friend, who was right about the fact that her approach is unconventional. Her focus on conversations and emotions instead of always correcting  grammar mistakes, is really new and I liked it. The sessions have a great structure. I got new confidence to motivate me."


Martina K., entrepreneur

Szeged, Hungary

"The sessions have a great structure. I got new confidence to motivate me."

In my work, I am collaborating frequently with American team mates. In the beginning, it was very stressful for me to grasp their cultural americanisms. I enrolled in a coaching program with Viktoria, where we often involved role-playing with everyday work related talks. I got tools that helps me with personal communication stresses at work. I recommend Viktoria a lot!


Erno S., cyber security lead

Bratislava, Slovakia

"I got tools that help me with personal English communication stresses at work." 

You've got this, and I'm here to help!

I'm really good at pinpointing exactly what's been holding you back. Together, we'll navigate the path to your success, arming you with the tools, skills, and know-how you need to communicate confidently with the real world.

Ready to start reshaping your English learning story?
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