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Terms & Conditions
of HINTuitive Coaching

Last Updated: January 20, 2024

1. Introduction

Welcome to HINTuitive Coaching, operated by Viktoria Hannah Fogl, sole proprietor. These Terms & Conditions govern your access to and use of our coaching services, including 1:1 coaching, corporate coaching, workshops, and any digital products offered through our website and hosted platforms like Wix.


2. Services Description


We offer personalized English language and communication coaching for non-native speakers to enhance their conversational English. Our services include individual sessions, group workshops, and corporate coaching programs, tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

3. User Obligations and Conduct


Clients are expected to actively participate in the coaching process, be open to self-examination, and be responsible for their actions and decisions. Professional conduct is expected in all interactions.

4. Method of Payment

For our digital products and online courses, we accept Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card payments in USD or any other pre-agreed currency. As for our 1:1 coaching services, the prices are in US Dollars (USD). Please note that enrolling in our 1:1 coaching programs begins with a Discovery Call, which is an initial, non-committal discussion about our services. A formal agreement and any associated payment obligations only arise after this call, upon mutual agreement to proceed.

5. Payment Terms


For our private and corporate coaching services, the fees will be outlined in the coaching agreement. It's important to adhere to the payment terms specified in this agreement. In case of late payments, an interest charge will be applied. This charge will be twice the Prompt Payment interest rate as determined by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

6. Refusal of Service

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

7. Intellectual Property


All materials, methodologies, and content supplied by HINTuitive Coaching are confidential and proprietary. Their use is strictly limited to the context of the coaching sessions, and any use beyond this scope requires explicit written consent from HINTuitive Coaching. You agree not to replicate, reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, or resell any portion of the information and services provided by HINTuitive Coaching without our express written authorization.


10. Liability and Disclaimers


Our liability is limited to the amount paid for the services. We are not responsible for any indirect or consequential losses. The coaching provided does not constitute legal or medical advice. For Third-Party links and services, please refer to our Privacy Policy.


11. Termination and Suspension


We generally do not provide refunds for our products and services, including online courses, digital materials, and workshops, due to their digital nature. Exceptions are in place for private and corporate coaching services as outlined in the relevant contracts. If a client terminates a coaching contract, no refund is issued. However, if we terminate a coaching contract early, we will refund for the services not yet provided. If we cancel, reschedule, or change the location of a workshop or online course, attendees will receive a full refund.


12. Dispute Resolution


We are committed to resolving disputes amicably through mediation. In the event that mediation fails, legal proceedings may be pursued. For disputes involving US persons, these proceedings will be governed by the laws of California and the United States. For non-US persons, disputes will be governed by the laws of Hungary.


13. Jurisdiction


These Terms & Conditions are subject to the laws of the state of California, United States, for disputes involving US persons. For disputes involving individuals or entities from Hungary or other EU countries, Hungarian law will apply. This clause may be revised to reflect any changes in the operating base or scope of the business.


14. Amendments


We reserve the right to modify these Terms & Conditions and will notify clients of any significant changes.


15. Use of Wix and Other Third-Party Services


We utilize Wix and various third-party services for functions such as hosting online courses, managing email marketing. etc. It is important to note that when you interact with these services, your data may be processed by these external platforms. We advise reviewing the privacy policies of these platforms for detailed information regarding their data handling procedures.

16. Online Course and Email Marketing Participation


Participation in online courses and email marketing requires adherence to specific guidelines and policies as outlined in the relevant sections. Users are responsible for ensuring respectful communication and compliance with intellectual property rights.

17. Data Protection and Confidentiality


All personal information and session content are confidential and will be treated in accordance with data protection laws.


18. Contact Information


For inquiries related to these Terms & Conditions, please contact


19. General Provisions


Personal data handling, amendments, and dispute resolution are as per the details in the agreement and in compliance with applicable laws.


This Term & Conditions declaration is in English and Hungarian, both versions being equally authoritative and binding

Copyright © 2024 HINTuitive Coaching. All rights reserved.


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